The Perfect Pizza
April 19, 2024

The Perfect Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens over the last 3 - 4 years have started to become very popular in the UK - but let's be honest, if you buy the right oven it can do so much more.

So what makes a good Pizza Oven? AI states it must have excellent heat retention, even distribution of heat, and the ability to reach high temperatures quickly. So when you fulfill these key elements it seems a real shame just to cook a few pizzas. 

Unfortunately too many Pizza Ovens cool down too quickly after 2 or 3 pizzas, if you use gas do you really want the oven kept on? A Wood Fired Pizza oven can and will offer you so much more.

Why do the Italians make the best Pizza's? We did a recent visit to Rome and as part of my research I was eating 1 or 2 pizza's a day - watching how they are made and more importantly looking at the toppings!

Discovered the traditional restaurants in Rome:

  1. Use Wood Fired Pizza Oven, it's the only way for Italians.
  2. Simple is best, they don't have 4 or 5 toppings.
  3. Cheese use the best you can get.

The dough is so light and crispy, all comes from the ovens being able to retain heat and the flavour of being wood fired beats everything! The stone that the pizza cooks on is so important yet something so few people think about, the thicker the stone the better as it will hold its heat and enable the lovely marbling that is the judgement for many pizza lovers.

The Clementi Pizza Oven made in Italy ticks a lot of boxes to make the perfect pizza but what else can you cook?

Talking to a few chefs locally they have cooked Sunday dinners in the oven, including Yorkshire puddings. We will be following this up with a few summer recipes to make in your Pizza Oven. 

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