an Igneus wood fired pizza oven ready to cook a pizza
an Igneus wood fired pizza oven ready to cook a pizza

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Had a small outdoor kitchen built for a BBQ and small outdoor Pizza Oven - Steve and his team were great to work with.
Would certainly recommend and I know a couple of friends are already talking to him about a larger kitchen project and Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

Ordered online a small Alfresco Chef pizza. Spoke to Sharon before ordering who confirmed it was what we needed and it is perfect, used both at home and away on a caravan holiday. Great price and thank you for the pizza balls!

I know its easy got give 5 stars but Steve went above and beyond. Being local made a huge difference to us. BBQ and Pizza Oven for the patio and will look at some new furniture later in the year. Steve spent ages on the phone making sure we got what we needed.

Terry and Anne
Julia - Nottingham

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The Perfect Pizza

The Perfect Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens over the last 3 - 4 years have started to become very popular in the UK - but let's be honest, if you buy the right oven it can do so much more.

So what makes a good pizza oven? AI states it must have excellent heat retention, even distribution of heat, and the ability to reach high temperatures quickly. So when you fulfill these key elements it seems a real shame just to cook a few pizzas.

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