How To Make Your Summer The Most Beautiful and Colourful Time of the Year, in Your Garden

Vivid purples and pinks spike the flower beds and lush green foliage work their hardest to compete.

The weather is hot, hot, hot, which is lovely, but to make your summer the most beautiful time of the year, your garden needs to get it’s share of the rain as well.

And as the heat builds and your water butt empties, you’ll also need to exercise your water metre.

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But when is the most effective time to water your flower beds?  

To ensure the water penetrates the soil properly the best time is early in the morning or late evening when the sun is not directly on them. If you water in direct sunlight most of the water will run off and evaporate so it won’t get to the root system of the plant.

Also, there are studies which believe droplets of water left on the leaves can work as mini magnifying glasses and could scorch the leaves. However, this theory isn’t proven so I wouldn’t be too worried about that.

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Some of the more hardy plants for this kind of weather are the humble lavender or Lavandula in Latin.

The hot sun warms up the leaves and in the evening the most intoxicating scent is released. Just brushing past them gives off a feel-good fragrance.

A good bedfellow is the day Lilly or the Hemerocallis. Best grown in pots so you can keep an eye out for the dreaded Lilly beetle. The scent is wonderful and as the breeze catches it you’ll get wafts of scent throughout the day and the evening as well.

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As we’ve mentioned, the key, in general, to have a wonderfully fragrant and colourful garden this time of year is to keep it watered. Not just when but how you water is important as well.

There is no point really in a quick watering. The water won’t penetrate to the roots so the plant won’t benefit greatly. You need to ensure the watering has an effect so in any given spot you need to water for one minute per section. You may think this isn’t a lot of time but you’ll be surprised just how long it is.

Most important of all is to enjoy the garden in the summer. This is your free therapy time. Relax and spend as much time as you can and at whatever time of day you have in the garden.
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