Alfrecso Milan Pizza Oven Black


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The Alfresco Chef Milano wood fired oven is a brilliant addition to any family garden or social event, allowing members of the party to gather round and share unique cooking experiences.

The Milano Pizza oven is more than a pizza oven, the size allows for roasting, baking bread and many food items requiring a slow cooking. Ideal for a family garden wanting to take the cooking experience to a new level.

You can quickly fire the Milano up to reach temperatures in excess of 400°C in just 20 minutes.

With 8cm ceramic fibre insulation and 3cm thick fire brick floor tiles, your Milano oven will consistently maintain its heat throughout the cooking process, delivering great results for your wood fired food.

You can also position the oven door and your kiln dried hardwood fuel for barbecuing, roasting and searing a range of different dishes.

Key features

Features include:

  • Mobile stand for greater stability and easy storage
  • Flat base for safe, easy mounting on heat-proof outdoor kitchen surfaces
  • Spacious 75cm x 85cm cooking floor size
  • Chimney dampener to regulate air flow into the oven
  • Stainless steel Chimney
  • Preparation table
  • Assembly and user guide.

Your Milano oven comes partly assembled, so all you need to do is add the side shelves and chimney and you’re ready to cook.

The oven is super easy to light using one of our Woodson fire lighters and kiln dried hardwood.  Our user guide shows you how to get your oven safely and efficiently lit.  It’s also really easy to manage and use with our pizza peel set.

Maintenance is really simple too.  You can quickly clean your oven by brushing the fire brick tiles down with our stainless steel brush and wiping down the exterior with oven cleaner.

The oven also comes with a base shelf for wood storage, so you can keep your wood close at hand when using it.

Your oven comes with a step by step assembly guide, user manual and of course the peace of mind of our three year warranty.