Glass Rooms: Alfresco Living Style

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Our extensive range of glass rooms have been designed with simplicity in mind. Sleek & modern with elegance that will never go out of style.

  • Increase The Value of Your Home: An Alfresco Living glass room is a worthwhile investment
  • Create An Extra ‘Garden’ Room: A new enclosed space you and your family will love
  • Bring the outside In: Feel closer to nature and your garden, whatever the weather brings
  • Lockable, Sliding Doors: Seamless and easy to use for added security and protection

5 Stylish Alfresco Living Glass Rooms To Choose From

Contemporary Glass Room Hertfordshire, St. Albans, North London


Lifestyle Glass Room Hertfordshire, St. Albans, North London


Traditional Glass Room Hertfordshire, St. Albans, North London


Simplicity Glass Room Hertfordshire, St. Albans, North London

Simplicity 6

Bioclimatic Glass Room Hertfordshire, St. Albans, North London


Tailor Your Glass Room With Our Unique Alfresco Living Options

Glass Room Lighting


Glass Room Heating


Glass Room Colours


Glass Room Screens


Glass Room Colours


Featured ‘St. Albans’ Glass Room Installation

We recently installed this Bioclimatic Glass Room in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and as you can see, it has created a fantastic area to enjoy all year round for our customer, their family and friends. Click to find out more about this Bioclimatic Glass Room Installation.

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Glass Room Product: 4m (wide) x 2m (proj.) 6m (wide) x 3m (proj.)
Contemporary £17,064 £20,574
Lifestyle £17,328 £20,718
Traditional £17,640 £21,504
Simplicity 6 £15,378 £17,022
Simplicity Xtra Glass Room £14,910 £18,900
Bioclimatic £17,766 (4m x 3m) £21,498

When it comes to making the garden a part of your home, Alfresco Living glass rooms are perfect in terms of style, design and versatility. Using unique designs, we are sure to have a system that will be perfect for you, that will be in-keeping with the appearance and function of your home or businesses, to suit your budget.

Alfresco Living Glass Rooms are impressive wall-mounted or freestanding structures, perfect for creating a stylish entertaining and versatile space, from a dining room, family room, hot tub or swimming pool room.

A glass room from Alfresco Living won’t spoil the view to your garden and it can be used come rain, wind or snow, and you will be protected by glass sliding doors.


  • Increase Home Value & Style: A professionally installed quality glass room will add value to any home. Our sleek designs and minimalist style will also add a touch of class and style.
  • Adds An Extra ‘Garden’ Room: Because an Alfresco Living glass room is an enclosed space, you will be gaining an extra room, which can be used for lots of different things for all the family.
  • Bring the outside In: A glass room not only adds a stylish wow factor to homes and businesses, but it also creates a room that brings you closer to nature and your garden.
  • Lockable, Sliding Doors: Our glass rooms feature lockable glass sliding doors that are easy to use, seamless and highly contemporary, for added security and protection
  • High UV Protection: Polycarbonate roof panels block in excess of 98% of harmful UV rays produced by the sun and an optional UV activated self cleaning glass can also add protection from the suns harmful rays, whilst minimising cleaning.
  • 10 Year Guarantee for Peace of Mind: Because our glass rooms are supplied with a 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy, you will receive a reliable and long lasting product for many years to come, making a glass room a long-term investment.
  • Integrated Guttering: The guttering and downpipes are all integrated keeping the system elegant and uncluttered, not to mention requiring less maintenance
  • Added Extras: Add heating to your glass room via infrared heaters, which are completely harmless and do not emit any ultraviolet radiation. You could also add an ambient light with LED lighting, which can be integrated within the canopy frame for a sleek appearance
  • Colours: With the extensive range of standard white and coloured extrusions, components and parts, your structure will blend seamlessly into its surroundings. We can match any RAL or BS colour, so your structure will match any setting.


  • Five Unique Designs: Including the Contemporary, Lifestyle, Traditional, Simplicity 6 & Bioclimatic designs
  • Aluminium Frame Colour: Can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour to enable us to match any colour scheme or premises
  • Roof Panel Material: Our glass room kits have various roof options, such as 6mm & 8mm toughened glass, self cleaning glass and 35mm structured polycarbonate, subject to design chosen – roof tints may also be available
  • Light & Heat Upgrades: Including integrated lighting, and the infrared wall mounted heaters
  • Screener Veranda Sun Screen: Available on Contemporary, Lifestyle & Traditional glass room kits

Firstly, we would like to thank Alfresco Living for a great product, excellent service, a professional site team and recommendations over and above our original request that has resulted in a glass room with more uses than we originally thought it would have.

The Glass Room is often in use during the week by different members of the family using it for relaxation and then at the weekend it’s become one of the focal points of the house for the family to come together.

The decision at site survey to add a box section to the base of the door runners to work against the slope on the patio and allow the glass sliding doors to open and close freely worked brilliantly and we actually love the slightly raised look it gives to the room.

At installation Danny then suggested we raise the floor internally. Having followed his advice, we agree this has made the room look even better than we originally anticipated.

Adam, we decided upon your company after contacting others. At the initial quote stage I thought most companies would have similar products, not so. We were also very much sold on your consultative approach.

Looking back we are so glad we instructed you as I feel we got a superior product and a better service than we would have from the other companies.

Many Thanks, Martin and Sue

P.S Please Thank Danny, Andy and Kristian

Martin & Sue W., Glass Room Customers, Harrow, Middlesex

For prices, showroom appt. or free brochure/guides call 01582 945220, send an email to info@alfresco-living.co.uk or use our contact form here…