How A-Z Installers Make An Extra £1,150,000 p/a

  • Presenter: Leonardo Wood
  • Venue: The Kent Event Centre, Detling Showground, ME14 3JF Maidstone, Kent

We recently hosted an iMarketing Seminar at the Essex Contruction Expo. All of the info shared is directly applicable to small businesses of all kinds.

During the seminar we shared a process our client ‘A-Z Installers’ have used to significantly grow their business over the past 10 years.

According to our conservative estimate (Step 1) and proven results based on tracked data (Steps 2 & 3) A-Z have increased their Sales by an average of 39.5% by having their staff follow their Internet Marketing Systems.

This increase in turnover comes from 3 specific areas as outlined below.

Important Note: For competitive reasons, our client does not want to be named publicly, as they do not want their competitors knowing all of their marketing secrets, so for the purpose of the presentation, we’re calling them ‘A-Z Installers’. A-Z are happy for us to share their real name with you 1-2-1, so please feel free to ask if we meet in person or talk on the phone. Please watch the videos and then go through the supporting notes for each video.

1: Info Packed Website (10% More Sales) *

A-Z Installers have created an information packed website that helps them attract more potential customers, convert more leads and enquiries into sales and it also helps them sell more to their existing customers.

There are lots of benefits to this, but what we’re concentrating on here is the fact that if you impress people with the information on your website, it will naturally lead to more enquiries and sales, and in some cases, allow you to charge more than other companies who do not appear to be as professional or as impressive as you.

Just like having a professional business card, sign written vehicles, clean branded uniforms/workwear for your staff, comprehensive sales literature etc. if you make the right first impression and continue to make the right impression at each stage of the customer lifecycle, it will encourage more people to do business with you and recommend you to others.

For A-Z, because their website is one of the best in their industry, in terms of the info they share, we believe this helps increase their sales by 10% (£260,000 more p/a)*

* Represents a conservative estimate

2: Google Optimisation Video (22% More Sales) **

In the video above, I show examples of an Electrician, a Fire Alarms Installer & a Canopy Construction company, which were relevant for the Construction Expo I was presenting to – however, please note that everything I am sharing here will work for Glazing Firms too.

Here’s the thing…

Most people research online before they make buying decisions, so if people find your website at the exact moment they are looking for information, you stand a much better chance of generating more enquiries and sales.

Part of the Website Optimisation process involves adding lots of great content to your website.

Labelling your website pages and content in the right way, as discussed in the Video, is another key ingredient for optimising your website, which will help you move higher in the Google rankings, attracting more potential customers when they search online.

A-Z Installers have been adding lots of great content to their website, and optimising it for Google for over 10 years, and they now generate on average, £667.000 per year, (22% of their Sales) as a direct result of being found in the free listings on Google.**

We know this for a fact, because every time an enquiry comes in, A-Z ask the question, “how did you hear about us?” when they’re told Google/Internet Search, the data is logged in their CRM and Marketing spreadsheet.

We also have ‘Call Tracking’ & ‘Web Form Tracking’ in place, which means if a phone enquiry or email enquiry comes via the Website, the CRM will Tag the source of the enquiry as either Paid Google Traffic or Free Google Traffic, which is where these additional sales are coming from, because of Google Optimisation.

** Proven results based on tracked data

3: Content Sharing (7.5% More Sales) ***

For A-Z Installers, they share ‘Links, Photos & Summaries’ of all of their website content, with their followers, leads and customers, via Social Media and via Bulk Email.

They use various tools for leveraging Social Media & Email so they can reach as many people as possible, with the minimal amount of input, effort and cost.

Social media will drive more people to your website, so if your website is packed full of great information, those visitors are more likely to find what they are looking for, take action and contact you.

Social Media also helps with Google Optimisation, because if more people are interacting with your Social Media content, Google will recognise that, which will help to move your website higher on Google, so more potential customers will find you.

However, let’s put those new website visitors from Social Media and Google to one side for the moment…

The 7.5% Increase in Sales that we are talking about here for A-Z Installers, comes directly from an increase in sales from their existing customer database.

Research has shown that 68% of customers that leave a business, do so because they feel ignored.

Our own tests with A-Z Installers has proved that when they keep their customers ‘in-the-loop’ regarding new products, services, news, tips and advice, their customers do not feel ignored and are less likely to leave to buy from a competitor.

On average, over 4 years, A-Z’s repeat sales have grown by 7.5% – so for A-Z, that’s an £224,000 more p/a.***

*** Proven results based on tracked data

The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts…

Implement any of the 3 strategies above on a consistent basis, month in, month out and we guarantee you will see positive results over time.

However, the sum is much, much greater that the individual parts, so if you implement all of what we are talking about here, it can multiply your results, exponentially.

The more content your website holds > the higher you’ll rank on Google > the more customers will find your site > the more sales you’ll make to new customers and existing customers > the more recommendations you’ll receive > the more engagement you’ll get on social media > the higher you’ll climb on Google > the more customers will find your site etc. etc.